1. Innovation & LifeStyle

    Solowheel is innovate new design of vehicle by using latest technology.

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  2. Digitalization

    SoloWheel is using digitalization, seamless connection and clean energy in their production of vehicle.

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  3. Improve Travel Experience

    User can travel with SoloWheel products that improve their experience and save their transportation time and money.

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SoloWheel : Make Powerful Vehicle with Latest Technology

SoloWheel is launch four type of vehicle for single person travelling within city. These product are small compact design is portable and perfect for indoors or on any smooth surface. Orbit, Hover, Classic, Xtreme are world’s most portable, double/single wheeled, self balancing device. They are using advanced motor technology with the highest-quality batteries available.

Small & Eco-friendly Design

SoloWheel company having vision to save environment. They innovate new vehicle with the use of latest technology given features like powerful, long batteries backup with easy charging, compact in size, easy to carry, no use of fuel etc. These products are self balancing vehicle person can drive within city, best for short distance and plain surface.

People can Travel Across City With Wearable Transportation

SoloWheel Website functionality

SoloWheel website having various functionality like they allow user to buy/order product online. They are display all their products with its technology, features information and many more. SoloWheel located at various places with invitation for more franchises. They are having safe and secure payment system for online payment on website.

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