1. Design & Sell Inspired Clothing

    It design clothing for all type and for special occasion also like wedding.

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  2. Women Empowerment

    The main aim is to give empowerment to women for development and independence in their life.

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  3. Follow Latest Trend

    Shabby Apple give latest trends of fashion cloth to users. User can find their desire clothing at one place.

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Shabby Apple : Customer Feel Beautiful & Look Confident

Shabby Apple is the company founded in 2006 for the Women's Dresses, Maternity Dresses, Girls Dresses, and Fashion Accessories. It provides clothing, accessories, wedding dresses and also having different collections and outlets. Shabby Apple has aim to empower the women worldwide. The three pillars of Shabby Apple are design and sell vintage-inspired clothing, empower women in the workplace, help women worldwide.

Artful & Designer Clothing

Shabby Apple having beautiful designer dress and accessories. They having wedding collection and selling list like skirts, dresses, accessories, final sale and many more. They are not only working for design and selling dresses but they use these profit in development of women all around the world and helping people in developing countries. They make women beautiful by dressing up and give help to empower them.

Organization making women beautiful by designing dress and empowering by helping

Women Oriented & Charity Work

Shabby Apple is not only work for dress up women but they help women in real life also. For the purpose of charity they save their part of profit for women’s welfare. Shabby Apple having partnership with non profit-organization who fight against domestic violence and poverty. Their aim is women empowerment and they aim to make women beautiful and independent.

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