1. Promotional offers

    It help for the extra space to the people who need to expand their work and life.

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  2. Locations

    Most preferred locations in Canada you can get facilities or houses for rent, places for storage from small to big stuff.

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  3. Moving and storing

    Person can get extra space for expand their life with Public storage with easy in moving their stuff and easy to storage.

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Public Storage : Best and Self storing place

Public storage is work in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. This company works for providing storage facility at various locations in Canada. For over 35 years Public storage helped public for extra space they needed, when needed, and how long needed. Their facilities make sure the stuffs are clean, dry, and secure. And also provide better convenient payment mode.

How it’s Proceed

Public Storage is provide places for storage and renting house or other facilities for the user on rent. They offer the user to choose the prefered location and also provide categories to choose the places or storage as per the use. Users can make payment as per the choice of place and promotional offer they opt. There are storage calculator available on website for user to calculate the rent as per the size they preferred to storage.

Moving - Package - Shifting facilities at one place

Help in Moving or Renovation

Public Storage is providing help to public in moving from one place to another also offers moving supplies and provide facilities in case of renovation of homes. They have various promotional offers for users with limited time limit. They publicly announce about auctions on their social networking sites and website for promotions. Public Storage launch new application for better convenience of user and for more connectivity.

Featured Projects

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