1. Hearing Test

    Individual can take hearing test to check the voice recognition in any environment for better health care.

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  2. Track Performance

    Hear Coach is an application measure health improvement & help individual to save records for tracking records.

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  3. Cognitive & Auditory

    This app target the cognitive and auditory ability of individual for measure the hearing capacity.

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Hear Coach : Gaming activity on iPhone & iPad for improving hearing capacity

Hear coach is Application developed by Starkey Laboratories in United State. This app helps the people for taking hearing test to check the hearing capacity in different environment from their iPhones, ipads etc. This app also allows measure the improvement in hearing sense of people. They offers various type of hearing aids for all age group people.

How It’s Work

Starkey Laboratories develop many hearing related games and applications for tracking the hearing capacity of individual by taking self test and suggest the related apps and devices by the professionals. Hear Coach is an app that made for iPhone & iPad users. It allows the user to login with individual account and keep playing and tracking the record for the measurement of hearing capacity.

Application With Different Levels of Difficulty Which Improve Auditory Capacity

Technology Never Seen Before

Hearing loss or less recognition of voice in different environment is major health issue for individual. Starkey Laboratories leading industry with lineup of invisible hearing aids in industry. It was Starkey Hearing Technologies that created the industry’s first in-canal hearing aid and first custom, digital and fully programmable invisible hearing aid. They are using nanotechnology for hearing devices first time in industry.

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