1. Free Download

    This anti-stuttering software is free to download from its site and also from App stores.

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  2. Anti-Stuttering App

    Fluency Coach is providing Altered Auditory Feedback(AAF) device that give choral speech for person who stutter.

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  3. All Device Supportive

    They are produce free software for desktop supporting various operating systems as well as its support in Mobile devices.

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Fluency Coach : Free Stuttering Management Software

The Fluency Coach app was developed and designed to recreate the choral speech effect, which occurs when people speak in unison with one another. This application permits the user to talk as one with themselves by utilizing a slight deferral and a change in pitch. Since 2001, Speecheasy provides services in 2009 Speecheasy merged with Fluency Coach for better technical support and advancement.

AAF Features by Speech Coach in Fluency Coach Software

Fluency Coach having two type of Altered Auditory Feedback that is Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) which simulate the choral speech effect for the individual who stutter. People who have stuttering problem having difficulting in constant speech, proper linking of words. Fluency coach software is helping individual to overcome from problem of stuttering and provide solution through their desktop and apps versions.

Stuttering is big challenge which solve with the help of App

Challenges Comes Under Project

About 1% adult and 5% children stutter. This app help individual to overcome of this problem, its very less percentage of targeted audience from app promotion point of view it is a big challenges. For the app store optimization keywords, meta data and demo video on appstore is necessary. We places the relevant keywords for app and also added that keywords in metadata so that Google crawl the app pages easily and effectively. We also suggest for regular updates in the content of app store and website.

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