1. Italian Gelato

    Bottega Italiana is ice cream parlour. They provide dessert and best coffee of Illy international coffee brand.

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  2. Award Winning

    They are having various achievements like Google five star rating, AOL CityGuide, Best Restaurants, CMUS awards and many more.

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  3. Rich Flavours

    Gelato comes from the natural ingredients like real fruit flavours. No corn syrups, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives using in their products.

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Bottega Italiana Selling Quality Product

Bottega Italiana is selling Ice cream, Dessert and Coffee in their various outlets. The main reason of difference is that it contains approximately 60% less fat and calories than American ice cream. They made ice cream with real fruits ingredients without using any preservatives and color.

Perfect Place for Dessert, Ice Cream & Coffee

Bottega is different from other outlets because they have 24 flavor options everyday to choose from, and always come up with new flavor profiles to keep things exciting for customers. They provide take home facility for customers along with long timing of opening & closing.

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Different Outlets With Same Taste

Bottega Italiana having different outlets at different places. They offer services like personal delivery, training for staff, high profit margin to their partners. Bottega outlet located at Seattle, Coronado, San Diego. They work for various Events, Grocery Stores, Catering Companies, Special Events, Many fine Restaurants, Hotels and Grocery stores.

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