1. Certified Doctor’s

    The top board certified Doctors are function as an Physician, Pediatrician, Psychologist, Lactation consultant for treatment of patients through video or audio visits.

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  2. Simple Pricing

    There are no concealed expense involving in audio or video visits of doctors and also there are no subscription expense involving in price of visit.

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  3. Best Technology

    Using best technology with simple and intuitive experience by user which is protected by world class security and encryption.

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Doctor on Demand : Most used app for urgent doctors care

Doctor on demand is most effective app for the patient who didn't get the appointment of doctor on time. This app is helpful in the area of medical, pediatric, and many more. There are board certified doctors which provide prescription for the patient on video or audio visits.

Treatment of Patients- How its work

Doctor on Demand app is treating the patient disease by taking video or audio conversation. Patient select the provider which is concern for diseases and then having conversation with doctor through video or audio call. Each session between patient and doctor will charge as per the amount pre-decided according to the conversation timing. There are list of diseases which are treated by professional along with specialists and their qualifications.

An app that connect user faster with best clinic care & professional doctor

Cost Effective Application

Health care is very important and part of life of each person. This application facilitate people to reduce expenses from online appointment of doctor. This application save cost of employees treatment expenses by using best technology which offers faster connection with doctor, high definition video calling, no hidden expenses and many more. Employer can get connected with telemedicine seamlessly for cost reduction of employee’s health care.

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