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White Paper

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 30, 2015


White Paper definitions are  vary according to different industries. It is written for the purpose of sales and marketing and its content showing the facts and evidences about the product and services. Its explain the problems and solutions upon particular topic related to industries.


Commonly white paper is an article, in-depth authoritative report on specific topic that represent problem and its solution. White Paper must be based on real facts and figures showing right information for the purchase of product, services, technology or methodology not about why your product is best for customers.


Purpose of White Paper   

White Paper meaning from company point of view when it used for the commercial purpose is to give solution of old problem and showing that how their product is helpful for the customer and in which way. It is used to influence customers decision and prospective towards their product or service.


Why people read White Papers

White papers are usually lengthy in size with lots of information in the form of charts, illustration, or references which reduce the interest of reading but people still reading related articles because it is a resource of information about product and services from selling prospective and it increase trust among customers. There are many reason for reading White paper:


– Get update with new trends in industries.

– Knowledge about new products and its vendors.

– Information or statistic for comparison of product.

– Help in taking buying decision of best products or services.

– Help in short listing of qualified vendor.


White Paper vs Blog/Case Study

White Paper is new solution for old problem where blog is one person opinion and case study is about one customer’s experience . In white paper is tells how product give benefit to customer, where blog tell how particular person think about it and case study tell about how customer think about their product or service. White paper writing takes years of masters in industry, where blog writing is easy and anyone can write and case study take less research as compare to white paper also easy to write. It used to generate lead and building mindset, where blog is used for engage prospects, customers, partners and case study is used to reassure the prospective.


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