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Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 24, 2015


Web design process includes web page layout, content production, and graphic design for creating website. Web designer build the website using HTML tags which define content and meta tags of each pages. Along with HTML tags using in web pages, website also using CSS appear in web browser. In the web page designing images are not created in HTML & CSS, it is overlapped on the design made in other software like Adobe Photoshop, fat paint, Paint.Net etc.


Web page designing is creative and thinking process for making website. It is initial stage of making website in which some points are to be kept in mind for the better creation and innovation.


CONTENT : Visitors are not mostly interested in reading long content, pages overloaded with content instead of this visitors use to read less content which give more information, less chapters, short pages content with more pictorial form, and proper spacing on the web page.


TESTING: Website must be tested in different monitors to check the visibility and also check if website made in higher resolution then is it loaded in lower or not. Testing the website into the different browsers, because different browser take website into their own way. Some of the important browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox.


FEEDBACK: Visitors feedbacks are so important to the owner of website, their recommendations, corrections, appreciations are very important for the improvements.


AUDIENCE : Before making the website, developer must know about the audience. What type of persons are become visitors and user like in case of disability of person they are using speech browser in that case proper alt tags and other HTML coding must be correct.


PAGE LOADING SPEED : Page loading speed must be less as possible. Visitors are not waiting more than 7second for the loading of web page.


MEDIA PLUG-IN: If in the web page there are some media plug-in then check the loading and server time of that page because it may be reduce the speed of website.


In the web designing there are so many services provided by the IT companies. As a company we are also provided following services to the clients.


WEB DESIGN : Web design including the web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and standardised coding of the website.


LOGO DESIGN : Logo design are the first step of the business which show the company image and their purpose to start up a business.


MOBILE APPS DESIGN: It is a small set of process and procedure for developing mobile applications.


TEMPLATE DESIGN : It is the base of the website design on which all designs and layout are based.


GRAPHIC DESIGN : It enhance the look and feel of website, it is the combination of art and text to present the website to users.


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