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Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Started

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 2, 2015

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The creation of any page is started with the HTML codes, which define the structure and layout of a web document by using various tags and attributes. SEO is the practices to improve the website page organic ranking through organize the website content and HTML.


To improve the page organic ranking in web browser, HTML is the first step for the optimization. There are basic factors in HTML, which take into consideration for optimization in the beginning i.e. meta tags, title tag, img tag and many more. There are some points to be considered in the optimization of the website organic ranking in the web browser.


Header Tag is the container for the introductory content of the page. There may be more than one header for one page, but for the most important header use (H1) because Google give priority to the H1 header tag first.

For example :



<h1>Most important heading here</h1>

<h3>Less important heading here</h3>

<p>Some additional information here</p>



Title Tag is the first thing notice by the web browser on the website of any page. Making a good and relevant title for the page is considered as best practices.

– Good title must be short and precise

– It should not be too long and confusing

For example: <title>Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Website Improvement</title>


Meta Tags is provide meta data about HTML documents. Meta tag usually use to specify the description of page, keywords on the page, author of the document and other. These are main Meta tags from the SEO point of view. There are some points to be considered while coding HTML for any page


– When Google take HTML for the searching Description Meta Tag provide full information about page. Therefore it must me to the point and relevant for the page.

For example: <meta name=”description” content=”Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Started “>


– Next most important element is Keyword Meta Tag which provide information about most using and important keywords use in the pages searching by the user.

For example: <meta name=”keywords” content=”Page title, Meta Tags, HTML,SEO”>


– Next element is Author Meta Tag which promote the website company who made that page for the particular website.

For example: <meta name=”author” content=”Nidhi Hardia”>


Image Tag is used for the defining the image in HTML page. It use two attributes i.e src which define the image location and alt which define the text in the place of image if image is not visible due to any reason.

For example: <img src=”all/image/seo-blog.jpg” alt=”Tips for SEO Started” height=”757″ width=”450″>


URL’s Structure is must be user friendly and easy to read, if URL content more relevant words of linked page then it provide user and search engine more information. This is comes under good practices that URL of website must be simple and relevant, apart from this it is shows in the Google search also which give the impression on the user.

For example :


There are many more tips and points which should be keep in mind while making page of website for optimization. SEO increase the ranking of website on the google search in organic way, with the help of above point website ranking can easily control by the companies.


Thank you for give some time to read this blog. Please write your views and queries in the comment box below.



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