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Scrum Model

Posted by: Manifest Infotech, March 17, 2015


Scrum model is quite effective and interesting model for the process for software development. many companies follow this method to conducting the daily meeting for progress report of all project. Some characters are playing very important and crucial role in the scrum model. Scrum process also divided into four parts and each part having their own worthiness in software development process.


Let’s talk about first their important characters which initiate as well as ending the entire process and their entire team.


Product owner is the person who is facing the two side, first is stake owners and the development team. It is the person who have responsibilities for the return on investment(ROI) as well as authorities to plan the backlog order and user stories. To be the product owner person must be having quality of knowledge, vision, leadership not management.

There is so many type of product owner like community, proxy, busy, half, no power etc. Product owner wants the support of both the sides i.e. stake owner and development team. The main work of product owner is to ordering and priorities the backlog of the projects.

Having faith in product owners decision is very necessary for the development team and management along with them, for the stake owner. and also showing the direction for achieving the goal.


Development team is the other side that product owner have to face and important part of the organization. Development team getting the order task or the backlog from the product owner and responsible for the delivering output towards the sprint goal. They having cross functional skills like analysis, design, development, test, technical, communication, documentation etc.

Developers sometimes make changes in the schedule decided by the product owner because of possibilities and priorities of the tasks. According to the availability of the development team task are assigned and also distributed the backlogs of the projects.


Scrum master is the mirror for their whole team, what process they adapt, which tools they use, which work they have to do, at what time they serve for which project an all. Scrum master is playing role as a trainer or consultant of the team, also facilitator not the decision maker for the backlogs.

The whole team is responsible for the job not scrum master alone. But to protect the team from disruption and remove impediments. Also responsible for assemble the team for the several meetings, monitoring the backlog assigned to the team, and responsible for the progress report of team to the organization.


Now we are moving further for the process of the Scrum Model. It is repeated process in the organization. Every step for the project completion and backlogs handling is the part of Scrum Model. It is including the scrum and sprint meetings.


Scrum meeting is conducting for clearing the backlogs of the projects. In this meeting product owner watching the activities of the scrum master and the development team. In the meeting timing is very important part, who much time is spended in the meeting is not matter what conclusion is made out of meeting is important. The purpose of the meeting is to find out the right backlog choose for the current sprint.

Trying to do perfect scrum meeting is just a waste of time, instead of that trying to do right scrum meeting that end up with some right and productive conclusion. Conducting meeting smoothly try to make the board list for which work is to do, which work is completed, and which work is in progress. This way save the time of team and comes with the right outcomes.


Daily Scrum Meeting or Daily standup meeting is the conducting for the 15 min daily. In this meeting team member of the same development team meet in a group and discuss the day to day work task. Three question is asked in the meeting i.e. what did you do yesterday, what are you doing today and do you have any impediments.

Scrum master asked those 3 question to the team member and also solving the problem of team member. Scrum master is forecasting the yesterday work to plan the work for today and also inspect the meeting process. This meeting help the team member to improve communication and knowledge, highlight quick decision making and eliminate other meeting etc.


Scrum Review is meeting to showing the work done in front of stake owners and customer. Product owner is not the customer so in the meeting they are the part of meeting not the customer or stake owner. Scrum review must be in interesting way of presentation not in boring way otherwise nobody take interest in that.

In the review meeting team member or development team and scrum master having all the responsibility for the better presentation of the work and also be prepare for the presentation. But be careful uncompleted work should not be shown in this meeting, it reduce the impression.


Scrum Retrospectively meeting is for the improvement. What good we did and what better we can do. The chance of improvement is outspoken in this meeting. This is meeting facilitate by scrum master including all the development team. The main motto is to improve the sprint meeting and who to improve the next sprint meeting. which give better result and less time for the planning of scrum meeting.


Conclusion: In the Scrum Model projects are distributed into small parts and then executed. Scrum master, development team and product owner completing the entire process. It just the way of working in the organization to handle the complex project with the large member of teams. Daily meetings and communication will improving the relationship and reduce the completion timing of the project or we can say completing before the deadline.


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