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Quality Assurance

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, March 31, 2015


Quality Assurance in short QA is the quality checking process in which product or services are tested before delivering to the clients or final customer. It helps the software development team to assure about quality during the process of software development. The role of QA team is however more than just testing the software.


The software development team is playing role for not only detect the defect but its role is to prevent the defect. The process of QA is including the process of software development such as:

– Requirement defining

– Software design

– Source coding control

– Code review

– Software configuration management

– Testing

– Release management


Now a days quality of product or services matter very much and its directly affect the reputation of companies. The importance of QA team in different roles are as follows:

QA Lead  plays the role as a partner with the project manager to review the clients requirement documents and determine the testing strategy for the project. Following work are to be done by the QA lead in the process:

– Making strategy in starting of project for all QA activities.

– Creates the testing strategy at initial stage of the project.

– Creates and maintains the conditions necessary for testing.

– Provides estimates for work.

– Creates all client related documentation as it relates to quality and testing.

– Presents quality and testing report during sprint meeting.

– Take lead in all project team members on testing.

– Performs testing tasks as needed.


QA Analyst plays the role to contribute the team with exploratory testing skills. Following are the work of the QA analyst:

– Executes exploratory tests on user stories.

– Communicates risk.

– Gives relapse situations for automation.

– Guide to non-QA project team members on testing.


QA Engineer role plays by the developer itself instead of any other engineer. Following are the work of the developer as an QA developer or engineer:

– Works with System Engineers to set up Continuous Integration environment for automated regression and performance tests

– Writes code for automated testing.

– Schedules and monitors test runs.

– Acts on failures.

– Performs performance tests and provides reports as needed.

– Solves testing problems with code as needed.

– Mentors team members on testing and checking.


Along with the role and importance of QA team there are so many benefits of the QA team for the organization such as:

– Customer satisfaction with the lower rate of defect and higher quality.

– Timely checking and testing of the project which prevent the delay.

– Proper steps and process gives the better result.

– Understanding and motivation of the employees towards quality product or services.

– Confidence of the clients in the effectiveness and efficiency, which shows the performance of company.


On the above basis we can say that QA team is important for the software development as well as for the company reputation.

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