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Mobile Web Application vs Core Application

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 6, 2015

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Mobile web application is the application that can be open in the web browser with the availability of internet. It is looks and features is like Core application over the internet but it is not really an application, it is a website.


Key features of Mobile Web Application as follows:

– It is an website that viewing in web browser which appears is like application.

– This type of applications are not available in the application store of any of the companies.

– Mobile web applications are accessible from any of the web browser in mobile devices.

– For the searching and operating his applications internet is always required.

– It is an one time search over the web browser, it can not be saved as book marked.


Where as, Core application are having 2 part, first is Native applications, and second is Hybrid applications. Core application is downloaded from the application store (ex: play store and Apple’s app store) . It is build for the one platform which take advantage of features of devices and also appear as an icon form over the screen of the device. Hybrid application is having mixed features of Mobile web applications and Native applications.


Key features of Core Application as follows :

– It’s software is developed on the platform base i.e. Android, iOS etc.

– It can be searched and downloaded from the application store directly in the device.

– Application must be develop differently for different platform.

– This applications are downloaded directly in mobile device.

– For the operating of core applications internet is not required always.

– Downloaded applications automatic show the icon on the mobile device.


Hybrid application as its name define, it is a combination of both the technology used for the website and mobile web application implementation and that is hosted or runs inside a native container on a mobile device. This is an application having both kind of features that Native application and Mobile web application shows in functionality.


We can say that, Mobile web applications and Core applications having some different features in terms of technology but with the existence of Hybrid application, it is also fair to say that both the technology working best at their place but with the combination of them create more user friendly websites and applications.

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