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Mobile Apps development

Posted by: Manifest Infotech, March 24, 2015


Manifest follows the process in mobile development

Manifest is a mobile application design and development company. We also serve as Mobile Strategists for many of our clients. We help clients make important mobile platform and technology decisions, and we help align mobile with their larger business objectives.

We realize that your mobile applications will be an extension of your brand, and we work to ensure that we create a seamless brand experience that connects you with your customers in engaging ways.

We are focused on the right mobile platforms that make the most sense for our clients. Our development team is highly specialized and we have developers that focus on specific areas, and platforms such as Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

As a full-service mobile development company, we can take your idea from concept through to delivery on a variety of different platforms. Our projects are assigned an experienced project manager / team leader who coordinates each step of the development process, from requirement gathering, to server integration, and submission to the App store or Android Marketplace.

Mobile is a rapidly evolving market and protracted timelines can put your project at risk. Time to market is key, and so we use Prince2 methodology to achieve our timelines, and positive results.

Our project managers have many years of software project management experience, and understand how to manage expectations, and deliver software projects to schedule.

We take our design phase seriously and work to understand your objectives. A significant part of this is determining your criteria for success. We plan our projects, understand your requirements, manage expectations, and focus on producing iterations of development that get working functionality in front of you as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the process we work to understand what the critical minimal marketable features are for the product and ensure that all goals are aligned with these.

Part of our design process is to listen to your needs, and then create storyboards, mockups, and visual prototypes to be sure that we understand your requirements, and to give you the confidence that we are heading in the right direction. Using our custom methods we are able to collaborate with our clients on documents, test plans, and mockups.

We’re not just good, we’re fast: Our internal code libraries allow our developers access to thousands of lines code, meaning that we can reuse the most common features and functionalities for rapid integration into any mobile application. As a result we are able to offer our clients fast time-to-market without compromising on functionality or quality.

Our development teams are highly specialized, and we have developers that are experts in various device platforms such as Apple iOS, (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Android, and Windows Phone 7.

Many Apps require server integration, and our team is experienced at integrating applications into existing server technology and databases. We are also comfortable creating new data enabled server solutions.

Having a visually appealing application is very important. We have extremely talented graphic designers who work side-by-side with our developers to visually extend your brand.

We take the quality of our development extremely seriously, and provide formalized QA testing to all our projects.

Throughout the life of the project, our team follows a Quality Assurance Plan. We use tracking tools to monitor defects, and we work with clients through user acceptance testing to ensure that our solutions meet quality expectations before completion.

We follow standardized processes to assure that problems are identified and corrected quickly. We understand that quality assurance is important to the success of our company, and so we perform code reviews, automated testing, and test plan reviews. Additionally, our developers take pride in the quality of their work and we strive to build products that exceed our client’s expectations.

Errors are given top priority amongst our development team. All products go through standardized beta testing before submission to the App store, or Android Marketplace. Clients may report any concerns or issues directly to their account representative. Effective communication is critical to the success of our projects. We provide a Client Portal to serve as a repository for documents and to allow all team members to collaborate with clients on a solution. We are available by phone, email, and instant message to discuss projects and provide strategic guidance.

Our project managers work hard to manage expectations and keep clients informed of the delivery schedule.

We realize that each client is different and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We adapt our communication and process to best work with our client. Our solution architects, developers, designers, and testers all bring a level of expertise that sets us ahead of our competition.

Mobile Apps set to impress. Try us…

Manifest offers mobile apps development for all your needs.Mobile Apps are the future of computing. Already thousands of Apps have been written and released in the market. This is your opportunity to be part of this new fast moving platform. Whether it be an App for leisure or business, Manifest can provide you a solution.

Just some of mobile app services we provide.

- Mobile Application Development

- Mobile Apps Programmers

- Apple iOS iPhone iPad iPod Developers

- Android Developers & Programmers

- Blackberry OS

- Windows Mobile

- Java ME J2ME Objective-C Cocos3D HTML5

- Custom Apple Enterprise Apps

- Social Media Facebook, Google + Integration

- Mobile Advertising Platforms – iAds, Admob

- Mobile Apps Marketing Strategies

- Mobile Website Development

- Web Services Integration

- Mobile Team Placement for Big Projects

- Educational & Fun Games


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