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iPad App Development

Posted by: Manifest Infotech, March 24, 2015


“iPad offers a tremendous possibility with world’s best mobile display, 25+ millions iPads sold, and a massive collection of 500k+ apps on the App Store. Powered by A5X high-performance, low-power consumption system-on-a-chip design with quad-core graphics, 5 MP camera, video recording in full HD, and an ultrafast 4G LTE, it will not accept anything less than the word “phenomenal”. Amazing is the new ordinary on iPad. Are you ready?”


iPad is a device which can easily be attributed for starting tablet revolution. There are immense possibilities with this revolutionary tablet that every business and organization have started chasing developers for iPad Application development.


It has started a completely new category of devices, and established itself as the leader. Though iPad runs on same operating system iOS, which powers the iPhone, the experience is totally unique. iPad’s innovative features have made it enormously popular among its users, and some of these features are larger screen in comparison to iPhone, touch screen, accelerometer, multitasking and multimedia capacity. With its bigger canvas area, iPad is better suited to meet with the requirements in many areas, such as Education, Business, Productivity, and Games etc.


iPad is loved by young and old alike, and is useful in numerous sectors of business and personal fronts. Its growing usage has made iPad a significant device to do business, while engaging important customers with complex user interface, superb usability and flexibility.


So how do you make a great iPad app?

Every minute more than 81 iPads are sold across the globe. The rapidly growing market offers both a challenge and an opportunity. You need to have a brilliant idea, its efficient execution in the app, and some excellent marketing on the store to promote your product. If you succeed, you build a massive audience which will expand your reach, and provide you chances of monetarily benefiting from your app. TechAhead can help you to sail through these waters smoothly and assist you in expanding your business.


An iPad application enables you to:

– Engage your audience with rich audio-video features

– Offer a visual treat to enhance your brand image

– Expand your reach within user community

– Successfully integrate fun with business


iPad Apps Development Company

At TechAhead, being an iPad Apps Development company we understand that a sound design is critical to the success of an iPad app. We aim to accomplish perfection in each and every application we develop. Our cutting edge expertise enables our clients to score higher than their competitors in the design aspect.


In addition, TechAhead wide exposure in creating world-class apps comes handy when translating client’s vision into an app. Like an iPad, it’s nothing short of brilliance!
TechAhead vast experience in the field of iPad application development with an impeccable track record has made it the most sought after iPad apps Development Company.
Whether you would like to build an iPad only app, or a universal app (iPhone and iPad), our developers is always there to assist you!



“iPhone apps development is more of an art than science. From school kids to geeks, everybody is trying their hands on app development and some are getting lucky as well. Technical expertise is no more a differentiator. Imagination is the key and everybody has access to it”.
Apple’s App Store was launched on July 10, 2008. The aim of the App Store was to provide users running iOS devices with a platform to legally download apps for their mobiles. Much like the Apple iTunes store, the App store is a place to find enthralling applications for iOS devices created by individual developers and organizations. The iPhone was the first and is the most popular device ever to use iOS.



iPhone apps are divided into two major categories: paid and free. Currently, there are more than 40 billion downloadable apps on the App Store. Each day, people spend more than a million dollars on the App Store, which clearly indicates that the free apps do not overshadow the paid apps.
iOS is a powerful platform that offers a myriad of possibilities to the developer. Combined with a good understanding of the marketplace and the different user behaviors, a team like TechAhead can bend the odds in favor of your business.


Some of the things that you can achieve with an iPhone app are:

– Create a dialogue with the user community

– Obtain user-related information

– Extend your reach through social media

– Increase brand engagement with games

– Add a sales channel through in-app purchases


Why get an iPhone App from us?

iPhones are meant for those who love good design and savor the latest in technology. We ensure that our developers are on top of game on latest technologies and trends in the industry. We have a robust quality assurance process to ensure that each application is both future centric and backward compatible with earlier iOS devices.


Usability and elegant design is the key to the development of iPhone applications and we make sure that our designers follow the best practices to deliver designs whose appearance is splendid. They are experts of user experience and possess great knowledge and experience in this field which results in superior designs. We pay great emphasis on usability testing which is a key part of the application’s development lifecycle. The fine tuning between the designers and the iPhone app developers helps us in giving what is promised to the clients.


There is an immense range of applications that can be developed on this platform. We have the workforces who have the experience of different domains which helps us excel in developing useful applications in shorter duration. We also have expertise in using technologies required for iPhone apps development, like Cocoa Touch


Framework, Objective C, Xcode etc. Our team is always updated about new development in these technologies so that the applications can make use of the latest features available.
Our knowledge and previous experience helps us in giving fruitful suggestions to our clients so that their idea can yield better returns. This is made possible by letting the team involve deeply in understanding the needs of our clients and then make strategies to give a shape to that idea.


We provide iPhone application development solutions for diverse arenas like enterprise, gaming, education, social networking, finance, Location based services, and many more. With the increasing number of iPhone users, organizations can easily reach more customers in simple and effective ways.


iPhone apps development company

So how do you make a great iPhone app? TechAhead, one of the leading iPhone apps development company has deep expertise in the domain and a proven track record with its clients, enabling it to establish a winning formula that has worked really well in variety of contexts.
To sum it up, Manifest, is well-positioned at the crossroads of design, technology, and business acumen to deliver the possibilities you may desire


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