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Google Panda

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, May 4, 2015


Google panda is the change in Google algorithm for ranking search result, it reduce ranking of the low quality pages or thin site and increase the ranking for good quality pages or quality site among the search result. Google panda change the ranking of the website who are having large amount of advertisement.


The reason for this algorithm is to ranking the website according to trust factor of user, when user asking which site is trustworthy for the tansations, content authentication on website and many more. Google panda list out the website and ranking them high or low.


What is Google Panda updates ?

Google Panda update works on the SEO industry as well as companies and web developer across the world. It affect the traffic of websites which includes organic search or natural searches.

Tips to be know about Google Panda


Content Quality : Website ranking measure by the Google Panda on the different aspects. Good quality content on the website is one of them. Low quality content on one page also bring down all your website ranking among search engine result. Try to avoid duplicate content, overlapping of contents, less helpful content, spelling or other errors in content.


Google Panda focus on authority : Google panda focus on the authorities of links on the website more the authentic link are related to website more trustworthy content or article. Website content writing for the purpose of SEO must know the answer of the user like is that article is trustworthy, is that article give proper answer of the question or issues it provide and so on.


Good ratio of advertising : ¬†Google Panda reduce the website ranking due to over applying of advertisement on website. Its guidelines provide information that number of advertisement not matters it’s may be reduce the ranking but instead of this good advertisement is more important for the website.


Avoid broken links : If user view the broken link on the website it reduce the impact of whole website which affect the ranking on search result. Google Panda if find the broken links then it will reduce the ranking as user do. To avoid broken links use effective tools for your websites.


Google Panda having lots of more informations to maintain the page ranking and Google Panda update provide it after particular duration. Any changes in your website not showing immediate effect on the search result it take monthly time to changes in the page ranking and achieving desire ranking.


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