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Github Introduction Part-1

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, June 8, 2015


What is GitHub ?


Github is Git, an open source project started by the Linus Torvalds also created Linux. Git is the version control software which manage the changes in projects without overwriting the same project on which works by many persons. Within the same organization when more than one person work on the same project or work on the same page then it is very difficult to manage the project. So, Git provide the same server to workers and their co-workers to work together without overwriting or making error in projects.


Github is the place to sharing the codes with co-workers, friends, and strangers. Github is the largest code hosting server which allows the developers to share, help, and save their codes online which helps the other in their projects.


A Version control application is help the workers and co-workers to save the different copy of same page on which they work under the same project. For the same project workers and their co-workers can upload their revision page which Github save with different file and after completing coding that page can be merged with their work without loosing any data. Github takes the snapshot for every changes so that any time developers can revert the old version of their coding.


Github sharing codes with everyone. Developers can download the coding, spotting the errors, provide suggestions, and access from anywhere with internet.


For the use Git can be install by two ways that is download the Git software which help user to manage the projects locally. And also user create account on Github to manage projects on web with their social network also.


Why GitHub ??

Github is an open source coding server for the developers for sharing, downloading, and many other features for managing projects. There are some points developer should use Github for faster and easily updating projects.

  • It’s easy to merge the coding on the same page by different developers.
  • Developers can manage the changes in coding in projects from the local system setup also.
  • It’s easy to track record of changes made in coding.
  • Online and offline backup for the projects and also centralized the coding remove the error of overwriting and other mistakes.
  • It’s too hard to find the latest changes in project which is coded by various developers but user find it by using git properties.


Most Common used word in Git


  • Command Line : For using Github user need to run git command on a mac also called terminal in which text based command are typing that called prompt on the screen without using mouse.
  • Repository : It is an storage space for the projects on web. It save the image, text, coding, name inside the repository which can be local at folder or can be placed on web server or online host.
  • Version Control : It is a system that record the changes in files and set the files according to time and when it needed that specific file can be recall.
  • Add Command : This command is run to add current content of exiting path as a whole and if there is any changes then only changes in particular file is added in the working tree in which it applied.
  • Commit command : This command use after added file into the git or known by the server that changes are made. It actually record the snapshot during this git records the email and user name with every commit.
  • Branch : Git branch is general management system tool that list out the local branches having in current status and its shown with green.


All the above informations are introductory part of Github, which are used by the non-developer individual also. This blog is for basic knowledge oriented and our next part of Github is fully dedicated for the developers and it’s technology oriented.


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