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GitHub For Developers Part-2

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, June 9, 2015


In our previous blog you are reading about the basic introduction of Github. Now, we are moving on for the next level of github which are for the developers. Github is the version control system for the developers for tracking the records of software development on the source level. Developers can track changes, check the previous stage of development, create branches and also created alternative directories and files at their local server.


Github having some special commands for the installation, configuration, create repositories, and so many important function are performed by these commands.


Steps for the first time user


git init : This command is run for creating empty git repository or reinitialize the existing repository. Without running this command within the repository or directories.


git config :  This command is set and ready the configuration variable for the operations and looks of the git.


git clone : This command is for creating copy of repository from the remote server for the fetch and pull the files when it needed.


Some common  steps to be follow for work on Git


git add : This command is for added the files in the working directory or index.


git rm :  This command is for remove the file from index of respective directory.


git commit : Under this command all the changes are made writing in index, user can change the added file under git add until it commit to the remote repository.


git status : This command is list out the file in which changes are made, files to be added. It will also list out the files that are untracked, modified or indexed and ready for commit.


git branch : This command list out the branches including remote directory. User can create new branch if branch name is provided with “-a”.


git checkout : This command is for changing the branch from one to another by updating the working tree, index and head.


git merge : This command merge the one or more branches into the current branch and automatically commit if there are no issues.


git fetch : This command fetches all the objective present in remote repository which are not in the local repository.


git pull : This command fetches the objectives from remote repository to the local one and same function as git fetch.


git push : This command fetches the objectives from local repository to remote repository for all the modifications and changes in files.


These are some common and most using commands for the github developers. Apart from it when developer start github for the first time they have to do many more things like setup github, creating online repository, and creating local repository. Github is useful for the developers due to command line tools and it increase the programming speed of developers.


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