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Digital Marketing

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 1, 2015


Now a days everybody uses the internet in their daily life, with the growth of IT industry there are more and more awareness is spreading in the whole world. According to the research by the end of 2014, the number of internet user globally reached almost 3 billion. Around 40% of the world population are using internet.


With the rapid growth of digital media for the marketing brands and products into market the word “Digital Marketing” is used and with the popularity and success it become more sophisticated medium for the marketing.
For getting success in the field of Digital Marketing, companies rapidly increase the budget for the promotion of brands and product and these investment give greater return on investments. As things are going, digital promotion is essential part of the marketing. Customer and consumer of product and services can easily and quickly getting information at any time and anywhere. For the better promotion and selling making showcase of brands and products is important strategy for companies.


Digital Marketing budget involving many fields on which companies set the investment for the promotions.


SMO( Social Media Optimization) is the connection medium of companies to their customers informally through various channels which build with the help of networking sites.


SMM( Social Media Marketing) is the way to increase the number of visitor for the website through social networking website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to promote websites through improve the ranking amongst search engines and also update contents and promoting through key words.


PPC (Pay Per Click) is the investment for the promotion of website through posting ads on internet and various agencies like Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo!.


Reputation Management is the way to remove bad images of company and promoting good images and work all over the network related business.


Email Marketing is the concept like door to door marketing, companies send Emails for the companies promotions with having large consumer database.


Mobile Marketing is the best way to promote because of Smart phones, iPhones, iPads etc. and content, website, and applications must be customized for mobile devices.


Affiliate Marketing is the performance base marketing program, in which publisher brings the customer for the website and its more beneficial for the startup businesses.


Web Analytics is helping the business for providing information related with website like analyze, plan, predict, measure, and understand the customers.


All the above points are the points which are including in the budget of the digital marketing for the companies. There may  be different points of view and preference for the different companies for making budget. Above points are different areas of working for digital marketing and on that field companies are making budget for the better promotion.


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