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CodeIgniter Development

Posted by: Manifest Infotech, March 17, 2015


The model, view, controller architecture is nothing new.
It seems like all the coding frameworks are MVC nowadays, and if they aren’t it can be configured easily. Unlike other PHP frameworks, CI works with both PHP4 and 5.

That makes the lives of someone like me who has to be able to work seamlessly between the two environments much easier.
Manifest Infotech- being expert Yii PHP Development Company offers variety of Yii applications for businesses.
Making use of Yii, our developers can build complex applications and also deliver them on-time.


Why CI?

– MVC Architecture

– Little to no server requirements

– Easy to understand and extend

– All the tools you need in one little package

– No “installation” necessary

– Built in security tools

– Database abstraction and more

– Large and active user community

– Excellent documentation

– Will soon be one in the same with ExpressionEngine

CI allows you to implement as much or as little security as you feel is necessary for your app.


Why Manifest Infotech?

-7 years of experience in IT Business.

-Expertise in CI Portal and Web Development

-Expertise in business specific CI Application Development

-On-time deployment of projects

-Excellent Yii Application Maintenance and support

So, if you are looking forward to develop or update your PHP CI Development, then Contact Us now.


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