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Cloud Services

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, May 12, 2015


Cloud are used as metaphor for internet or network i.e. intranet or extranet. Cloud services are the services that made available to the user at their demand  through internet from cloud computing. Cloud computing is the IT networking model for sharing and making private, public or hybrid model of cloud network for the companies. Some big companies having their own cloud server hosting by their own which need huge amount of investment in setup, operating, and managing and for the small business cloud services are hosting by other needed to pay for the services only they use.


What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud computing is the on demand network accessing by the user, it involve application system which are executed within the cloud and operated through internet enable devices.Whenever user using Gmail, the data are not saving into the computer but it’s save into the cloud and the data user need it’s comes from cloud server. Cloud provide various services to the user like online data storage, backup solution, web based email services, hosted office suite, document collaboration services, data base processing, managed technical support services etc.


Characteristic of Cloud Computing


Scalability : It provide scalability to the user by available the information without handling lot of hardware or software everywhere. They can access the data from everywhere from any networking devices.

Instant : Cloud having feature of instant data access and saving on cloud server by the users using any type of server i.e. private, public, or hybrid.

Save Money : Cloud save the money by providing server services by easy available network and there are no need to invest huge amount for the services, users can pay only when they use cloud server and only for services they use.

Secure : Cloud server having lot of information which are centralized data resource for the companies that will increase the security of data.


Type of Cloud Computing


Public : Public cloud available to the general public by server having same cloud infrastructure. All the user of public cloud having same infrastructure with the limited configurations, security protections and availability variances. Public cloud is very economical for the all user because it spread the cost in all the users according to their uses. It is large server then in-house server which improve the performance and scalability.


Private : Private cloud are having dedicated infrastructure for particular company. It is managed and operated internally or externally not third party involve in the cloud computing, in the private cloud business are allowed to managed applications where public clouds are not allowed due to data security and control over the cloud. Private cloud are more expensive than public cloud and more secure than public cloud.


Hybrid : Hybrid cloud is composition of private or public cloud. Hybrid cloud are having multiple development model and increasing the flexibility of computing. Hybrid cloud architecture requires both on-premise resources and off-site server based cloud infrastructure. With the work of hybrid cloud business must be keep all aspects of business together for better working and efficiency in business.


There are vast use of cloud server now a days. Every company wants their own cloud server for better result and more efficiency in work. It will handle the more and more customer data as well as companies data which reduces the cost of maintenance and managing hardware and software.

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