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Bad SEO Ranking of Website Reasons & Solutions

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 29, 2015



There are various reasons for the bad SEO ranking of websites which are not something new or very uncommon . Some reasons are prevented by the short actions and some reasons take time to get organic result over the web browser.


Keyword : Keywords is playing important role in the ranking your website. If keywords are overused in the body of content its disconnect the readers, overuse or less use of keywords in meta tags, headings, alternate tag for images, in URls etc affect the ranking of page. Keywords proximity also matters on web pages which affect the SEO ranking of website. To prevent that standard density of keywords and most searched keywords are to be used.


Duplicate Content : Sometimes duplicate content are the need of website, or beneficial for the reader to get that information more than one time. But when Google read that pages it counted pages with duplicate content to prevent that it will be “no follow & no index” the related pages.


Guest Posting : Guest posting is the secure way to improve the links for the website most of the people doing it but if it done cheaply and wrong way its will reduce the ranking of website. To increase the backlinking sometimes website invite low quality guest posting which reduce the impact of website in Google searches. Good quality guest posting having relevant content, useful original and authentic are more preferable for improve website ranking.


Bad Hosting : Website hosting also affect the SEO ranking of website. If website loading time increases due to bad hosting server it impact negative impression on users. To prevent that make sure get hosting in close proximity of the visitors and having high quality service from server for website.


Multiple Domain Name : Domain name must be simple to read and easy to remember by the users. There are another problem of domain name which is multiple domain name for the same website. When Google search and find the different urls directed towards same page it considered that page as duplicate content. To prevent that problem “Canonical url” added on the page to show the main and correct url for the Google search.


Incorrect robots.txt file : When robots.txt file placed incorrectly then you say to Google not to search your website or particular pages which is obvious reduce the SEO ranking. To prevent it apply good practices of robots.txt for the files.


There are many more reason for the bad SEO ranking of the website which can be search or find itself. But majorly above problems are the reasons for the bad ranking for the website.

If you are having some suggestions about any of the reasons and solutions, please comment below.


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