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Application Programming Interface

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, June 15, 2015


API(Application programming interface) is the set of routines or protocols which allow user to accessing web based software applications and web tools. Companies release their API into market that work like building block for the developers to develop web software easily and faster. For example when user copy link or url of one website and post it on facebook it’s API that work behind to show post of another website on user facebook. API’s are work software to software not to the users it’s not direct view by users but it’s use by developers.


There are so many API’s available over the internet for the development of websites and applications. Some of them are most popular like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr and many more. Following are some most used and popular API’s all over the world.


Google API

Google having so many API’s at present, it become more than just search engine and increase their user base. It’s not only for searching social networking site, emails, or maps. Google API are design and develop for easy use and standard work which can be used by any developer.


Facebook API

Facebook is biggest social networking site having large user base. Facebook provide API’s for chat, share pages, like pages or site, login system by using facebook id’s user can sign in for other website and many more.


Twitter API

Twitter is famous for latest information in world just by writing short message. This social networking site having all information like business, sports, politics and many more. This provide many API’s like facebook for example like, share, login and other.


Youtube API

Youtube is biggest video service by Google. As Google having so many API’s youtube is one of them. But youtube having some features in their API like Youtube data API, Youtube playing API, integrated video content and many more.


Flickr API

Flickr is popular photo sharing site where people can upload photos and user give rating to that. Flickr provide API like different way of sharing and organizing photos also integrated different social networking sites.


LinkedIn API

Linkedin is professional social networking site for business working and making business circle over the network. Linkedin also provide some kind of similar API like Facebook and Twitter but it’s too professional makes some difference in this.


There are API’s available like and many more.



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