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Agile Methodology

Posted by: Nidhi Hardia, April 3, 2015


Agile Methodology or Model is a software development model adopted by the companies to handle the complex project. So that, they can give release of projects into small portion which save the time as well as money.


Some of the principal followed in generally :

– Integrated all : Including designer, developer, project manager and client.

– Regular communication : With clients and all unit of project in organization.

– Easy feedback : It is open source communication for all both team member and client.

– Unknown outcome : The result of project not known by team and client.


Process of Agile Model having standard steps to be follow, which based on fit for all concept.
Requirement Gathering: In the agile software development client do not have a clear idea about the final outcome same as development company. Manager start getting answer of the question like :

– Why

– For whom

– What

– Where and so many more


Analyze & Planning: Analyzing  and planning makes help to the software development team to find out the question like :

– What is the initial step should be taken

– What is the step of making software

– At what stage project requirement by client may be change etc.


Design & HTML: Software development team start design the project requirement by creating wire-frames and HTML.

– First wire-frame are to be ready according to requirement and approved after clients consent

– Then, that wire-frames  converted into the design

– Then, design converted into the HTML and getting consent of client


Development & Implementation: The process of software development, projects development and implementation is most important step.

– Development of project is coding the designed HTMLs

– Implementation is making project run on the basis of that coding and then project demo given to the client


QA & Debugging:  Project is going through the QA that means all the functions works properly or not all these are testing in this process.

– QA expert  analyze the projects every aspects and issues queries related with it

– Then, the developer will check the issues and clear that queries


Deployment and Maintenance: This step is doing after all the approval of the client.

– Project is upload on the server or making the project active and live in the web browser

– If there is any problem related with live project it comes under the maintenance of project


Documentation of Changes: At all the step when client approval is needed and any changes made it is create in documents. All this records help in release the project in market.


Drafting Changes: When client deny the project to release in market and make changes then after documentation of changes is help in making and drafting the changes in project.


Advantages of Agile model are as follows :

– Customer satisfaction with repeat delivery of projects parts

– Client, developer and tester continuously interact with each other

– Successful project part deliver frequently

– Frequent and regular contact of business person and developer

– Updation of  changes made in project

– Continuous connection with developer welcome even the late changes


Disadvantages of Agile model are as follows :

– Project may be distract the direction if client not having clear vision of project

– There may be some disappointment feel in starting of project due to lack of direction and layouts


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